Contributions from the Norwegian conference

The 4th international conference in the SIATE conferences series was arranged in Sandefjord, Norway on March 9th.

The theme for the conference was Entrepreneurship for Social Inclusion and had 120 participants from 10 European countries.

Here you will find all the contribution from the different speakers.

Contributions from the Norwegian conference

The SIATE Project and learning from the previous conferences.

Pernille Skov Sørensen – VUC Storstrøm – Denmark

The SIATE research findings

Alina Boutiuc-Kaiser – Pädagogishe Hochschule Freiburg – Germany

The European Network for Entrepreneurship in Adult Education (ENTNET) Jan Evensen – Fønix – Norway

The Norwegian system for support for entrepreneurship for jobseekers. Best practice and cooperation with various social actors. Elin Bjørnsdatter Ivarson and Ole Thomas Talset – The Norwegian Labour and Welfare

A place where ideas are developed, entrepreneurs grow, and contacts are made… Elisabeth Reffhaug – COLAB, Larvik and Benedicte Eian Iversen – Gründeriet, Sandefjord

A place where ideas are developed, entrepreneurs grow, and contacts are made Petar Nisevic – Vink-kort and Anita Fevang – Babysensor

How a successful Entrepreneurship Program contributes to inclusion for people outside the labor market

Fredrik Reff Sydnes – Senior Partner in Sirius ACT

What does it take to succeed with social entrepreneurship?

Ramona Lorentsen – General Manager – SESAM Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

and Social Innovation at the University of South-Eastern Norway

Inclusion through entrepreneurial programs

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen – Serial founder and CEO of Startup Migrants

The path to work for minority women

Camilla Bilstad Johannessen – Social Entrepreneur – Vintage Baby

How a social enterprise can establish a business model where software companies invest in students` way back to education and work

Eskil Domben – Co-Founder of GET Acadamy Group

The innovative capability of the elderly in the Larvik community

Bjørn Z. Ekelund – psychologist and founder of Visdomsprenørene AS

Magical moments with Sandefjord street football. Sports as social inclusion.

Petter Olsen – Head coach and manager of social management – Sandefjord Fotball