HF & VUC FYN is one of the largest providers of adult education in Denmark, and the organization has a distance education unit. HF & VUC FYN offers general, preparatory and qualifying adult education, and we strive to fulfill the vision of building a bridge to a future with more education, better jobs and a higher quality of life for our students.

We offer lifelong education, and we are a parallel education system for adults and offer a variety of educations: Preparatory adult education (FVU) – basic levels in Danish, mathematics, English and digital skills, General adult education (AVU), HF (higher preparatory exam, HF – single subject (higher preparatory exam – single subject) as well as Special education for the dyslexic and education adapted for companies HF & VUC FYN offers distance education at all our levels.We focus on taking part and responsibility in their education by being active participants. pupils and students as independent people with the right to form an opinion and a duty to participate actively in discussions is a matter of course in Danish education. The students are involved in project work. At all levels in our education system, pupils and students participate in classes, but they also carry out project work, either on an individual basis or in small groups , which goes across disciplines, is also an integral part of Danish education. The wide range of learning opportunities for all citizens is a way to ensure equal opportunities for lifelong learning and a way to qualify the workforce on Funen and work towards qualifying young people’s knowledge and skills to contribute to the further development of our society. The type of study requires that we continuously work on developing our learning design in a relevant and innovative way in order to be the head of the new actions both in the education system and in the labor market.