The University of Education Freiburg

The University of Education Freiburg looks back on 60 years of experience in educational research and international cooperation in teacher education in the field of primary and secondary education.

In addition to the degree programmes for primary and secondary teachers and European bilingual teacher education, there is a wide range of BA and MA programmes such as adult education, media technology, health education or educational psychology, as well as doctorates and post-doctorates in education.
Within the current and future development of the University of Education Freiburg, an increasingly important aspect is its strong commitment to empirical research in a European and international context, carried out across three faculties and reflected in recent years by a steady increase in externally funded research in the field of education.
Over the past sixty years, the university has built up an extensive and long-standing network of contacts abroad, consisting of official partnership and cooperation agreements with some 80 universities and colleges in Europe, North and South America.